chalk paint recipe

Chalk Paint Recipe

Chalk paint is extremely popular for home do it yourself projects for several reasons.. the biggest reason being that it’s nearly effortless and requires little to NO sanding preparation before painting! However, if you buy “premade” chalk paint, it can be very expensive. Here’s a simple recipe to make your own in ANY color you want!

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silk flower arrangements creation and care

Silk Flower Arrangements – Creation and Care

Fresh flowers are beautiful, but having them in your home is not always an option. Seasons, allergies, and costs are all contributing factors, but let’s get real – they die and customarily create a huge mess. But you say you really like the feeling flowers bring to a room? Well, why don’t you use a silk arrangement? No, not those scanty arrangements you see in most stores. Make your own! It is a lot easier than you think

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diy love wall art

DIY – LOVE wall art

So I love the wall art that uses the word LOVE in it and has it shaped like a square, but I could never find anything design wise that fit my style…until…I got the great idea to make my own. Unfortunately I didn’t take any step by step pics so I will describe as best as possible and if you have further questions ask away! Oh and of course you don’t have to do the word love it can be done with any word.

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