hot glue tiaras and crowns

Hot Glue Tiaras and Crowns

Dreams of living in a castle and defending it from intruders fill the minds of little princes and princesses everywhere. There are books, tales, and movies that tell of such dreams; there are several theme parks about them, too! All little princes and princesses deserve to wear a crown, so I’m going to show you how to make that part of the dream come true.

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5ca00e709c2b3 personalized baking dishes

Personalized Baking Dishes

If you find yourself sharing casserole dishes or baked goods, etc frequently and sometimes need to leave your dish behind, here’s a wonderful way to personalize your bakeware to ensure you get it back. Alternatively, this is a very well received gift for housewarming, weddings/anniversaries, birthdays and more.

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5ca0090393627 make your own bean bag chair

Make Your Own Bean Bag Chair


Make Your Own Bean Bag Chairs!

For lounging in front of the television or curling up to read a book, use this comfortable beanbag chair. Although the name implies that the bag is filled with beans, it is actually filled with polystyrene pellets, making the chair lightweight and moldable. Beanbag chairs can be made in either a child size or an adult size.

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