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  1. Welcome to the Budget101 Frugal Living Blogs!

    Welcome to our New Budget101.com Member Blogs!

    What the Blog area is for:
    Registered users may now create their very own Blog to share their budgeting ideas, triumphs and frustrations and more! The blogs are an area for members to share their personal thoughts, Ideas, talk about your families, kids, complain or brag about things ...
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  2. Wow! News on Budget101.com

    I was thrilled to see that Budget101.com appeared in Woman'sDay Magazine (August 1, 2008 issue) pg 114 in an article by Mary Hunt.

    Thank you Mary for sharing our site with the world.

    Today has been a great day.
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  3. Hot Target Deals 7/13

    Almost anyone can find great deals at your favorite stores, you just have to look a little. Generally I list deals in the forums or on my site from Wal-mart, not because I particularly LIKE them, but because it's safe to assume nearly Everyone who visits my site Does have access to a wally world. After all, that is the point of sharing the deals, so ...
  4. Fire Ants are Gone!

    Wow, I never thought I would find an all natural remedy that actually worked at removing these little beasts.
    For those of you that live in Fire Ant Country... you understand what it's like to open a drawer or reach into some clean folded laundry only to find that they've built a ...
  5. Get Out of Debt sites- that Charge a Fee

    This mornings post is more of a Pet Peeve than a frugal tip, (Sorry folks!). Lately, I've received more than 60 link requests to the site and several posts to my discussion list and forums of sites that are "Offering to help get people out of debt"... but wait.. there's a catch!
    You knew there would be, didn't you, my savvy reader...
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