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Tired of Overwhelming Facebook Email Notifications?

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Tired of Overwhelming FB Notifications? Think the page you ‘Liked’ should slow down or stop filling your inbox? Here’s what you need to know about controlling those often overwhelming notifications, how to slow them down or remove them completely and permanently.

Tired of Overwhelming Facebook Email Notifications?

Here’s something you may not have known, Pages (and their owners/admin, etc) literally have NO Control whatsoever of this issue. This issue and feature are Entirely up to YOU!

To change your notification settings for a Page:

Keep in mind that if you choose not to receive notifications, you can still see recent activity, including notifications, in the summary on the right of your Page.For example: If you’re receiving too many email notifications there are a number of options you can choose:


With this setting, you can determine whether or not you want to receive email notifications for a long list of things including:

    • Messages
    • Posts on your timelines
    • friend requests
    • Pokes
    • Photos you’re tagged in
    • Event invites
    • comments on your photos
    • comments on your photo albums
    • comments on your links
    • event cancellations
    • comments after you on a photo
    • comments after you on a link
    • comments after you on a photo album
    • tags of your photos
    • friend confirmations
    • likes on your posts
    • tags on your videos
    • event updates
    • comments on stories on your timeline
    • comments after you on timeline stories
    • comments on posts you’re tagged in
    • posts from close friends
    • comments on your posts to groups
    • posts to your groups- If you’re receiving email notifications about a particular post or frequent different items from the same Page, the items highlighted in RED above are the ones you’ll need to disable. Facebook will not list “Pages” to block notifications from. With all of these options and notifications, It’s Very easy to see how your Facebook Account Settings Can easily cause you to become Overwhelmed and Frustrated, particularly if you’re a member of a busy Page!


What other Notification Settings can you change?

Sound Notifications
Email (see above)
Push Notification
Text Messages to your Smartphone/Tablet, etc

So please, before you send a nasty email to a page you like but are frustrated with because you’re inbox is full of FACEBOOK Notifications- Please log in to your account and Adjust your settings accordingly.

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