How to Print Recipes

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How to Print Recipes

We completely understand that sometimes when you print, you only want to include certain information. Perhaps you want to save ink and not print photographs, or perhaps you only need the ingredients list for a recipe, not the full directions, etc.

With that in mind, our entire site is set up with a printer friendly function that is super easy to use and gives you full control over choosing which information to print.

How to Print Recipes or Articles

There is a print button at the top and bottom of every single recipe that allows you to selectively choose which portions of the page you wish to print. The bar is located directly under the Title of the Post, under the feature image (if there is one).

Here’s a screenshot of the top of a recipe page, in this case, our Copycat pot roast seasoning mix.

How to Print Step By Step

As you can see, directly under the featured image is a bar with several options. Click on the print button.


This same bar appears at the bottom of every post as well. Simply click on the Print Button and it will open a window that gives you complete control over what you can print.

How to Customize the Print Page

The page is generated, without ads of any kind and with full control over what you’d like to print. 

How to Print Step By Step

How to Remove Items

Hover over an area and it will become highlighted.

How to Print Step By Step

If you wish to delete it, click the trash can icon and it will be removed.

How to Print Step By Step

If you accidentally remove something that you didn’t wish to delete, you can click on the “Undo” Button:

How to Print Step By Step

How to Adjust the Image Size

If you’d rather keep the images, but reduce the size you can alter the image size by choosing the image percentage button:

How to Print Step By Step

Here’s what the images look like when they’ve been reduced to 25%:

How to Print Step By Step

How to Adjust the Font Size

If you’d like to change the font size during printing, click on the T:

How to Print Step By Step

To make the font larger- increase the percentage.

How to Print Step By Step

To make the font Smaller- decrease the percentage.

How to Print Step By Step

Once you have chosen your preferred print settings, just click on the “Print” or “PDF” icon. The print option will send the formatted item to your printer, while the PDF option will create a PDF document that you can save on your computer for later.

How to Print Step By Step

 We hope this tutorial helps to answer your questions about printing pages on our site. Should you have additional questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below!

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