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How to use Blogs

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The Blog system gives you your own personal space at In the blog area you will be able to create your own entries and control who may view them. You can locate the Blogs by clicking on the “Blog” Tab in the green navbar at the top of the page.

General Blog Usage:

Blog Content Guidelines:

What the Blog area is for:

Registered users may now create their very own Blog to share their budgeting ideas, triumphs and frustrations and more! The blogs are an area for members to share their personal thoughts, Ideas, talk about your families, kids, complain or brag about things that are happening in your life- basically, it’s a window about You! Feel free to share as little or as much as you like!

What the Blogs are Not:

The blog areas are not areas to post discussion questions where you’d like to receive multiple responses or help (the forums are the appropriate area for these types of posts). The blogs also are not meant to advertise other sites, freebies, “job opportunities”, Copy & paste articles from other sources, etc. Blog entries that do not meet site guidelines will be removed without further notice.

Please use the appropriate forum for these type of entries: freebies

Reading & Posting Blog Entries

What is the Blog Sidebar

The blog sidebar contains the links to maintain your blog as well as information in regards to your blog and the other blogs that you may visit.

19 thoughts on “How to use Blogs”

  1. 🙂 i love all of the helpful tips this site gives to its new members! i am still working through everything but with each of these it is so much easier! and faster!!!!:beaverhug:

  2. these newbie messages are so helpful! i have been following this site for months, but just registered. thanks for the tips!

  3. i have a money saving tip…when you run out of printer paper school notebook paper that you have (a ton of from school sales last year )works just fine to print coupons on!

  4. just registered, getting to know all the stuff, and i’m so thankful they give us so many ways to jump in with both feet! looking forward to learning much more, and saving lots of $! :party1:

  5. i’m still working through everything but with each of these it is so much easier! and faster!!!! sure hope i’ll be able to find what i need when i’m looking.

    i know it’s here somewhere. having a wonderful learning experience and looking forward to saving time and money this year.

  6. i’ve been getting information/recommendations on my facebook for a little over a month & finally decided to join the site. loving the great and extremely helpful orientation! looking forward to using this site and learning how to do great budgeting and ideas!


  7. Its getting easier, still having a little trouble moving around the different areas. Haven’t done my profile yet. Having trouble getting there.

    But will figure it out soon.

  8. New member. Was just surfing and find this site. Read some of the site, signed up!

    Look forward to a lot of good tips! l

  9. I just registered for this very nervous and bit shy mom love the site it describes me when I figure out how to get the most important thing out of it nervous thank you.😇 lovely

  10. Thank you so much for making this site! I can’t believe it took me so long to find it. I’m trying to jump in with both feet and I sure don’t want to make a mistake.

    I’m kind of excited to try out the blog feature, I have so much to say about my life and everything in it. But don’t know where to start. Is it all about just being frugal and saving money?

    Can we post about religion not being a super religious person though just thanking the big guy and believing in him. Oh so much I just don’t know about. Lol I can’t wait to learn and find out!

    • I’d like to comment on a blog posting but don’t see any option for doing that.

      When a blog owner creates their post, they have the option of Allowing comments (or Not), so there may not be a comment button. If there is, it’s located underneath the blog post to the left and says “comments”.

      When you click on it a comment box opens allowing you to add yours.

    • Yes I saw that however clicking on “comments” does nothing.

      Sounds like a Javascript or browser error with your device. You can post details about what you’re using in the Tech Support forum and the Tech guru will help diagnose the issue for you.


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