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Welcome to Budget101.com !

Welcome to Budget101.com! We realize that it can be difficult and frustrating coming to a new site and trying to figure out how to navigate it or figure out what it has to offer, so we’re going to give you a brief tour of the different features at your fingertips!

First and Foremost, as of January 1, 2017, this site contains more than 1,950,000+ pages of information that has been compiled here by the site owner and members like yourself since 2001! To make all of that information easier to find and use, we’ve divided it into 3 Main Sections.

Those 3 sections are as follows:


A large selection of topics organized into multiple categories for easy perusal. The articles are generally more in depth that forum posts and often have accompanying photograph tutorials, such as the widely popular Super Laundry Sauce Recipe. Articles have a “comment” area as well for members to ask questions, or share their experiences or ideas on that topic. Articles are divided into multiple categories and sub-categories to make it easier to locate a topic quickly.


While this area also adds a wide range and variety of topics, the forum is more of a “discussion” place. The topics vary widely and also come in multiple topics. Some of these topics may seem to “overlap” topics within the Articles section. In the forums you will have ample opportunity to ask questions, share your ideas, recipes, quickly and effortlessly. This is the place to ask a question if you want a rapid response as we generally have about 3,500 members on at any given time, sometimes more.


The blogs are an area for you to publicly journal your trials, errors and triumphs in budgeting, saving money, raising a family, and more. The blogs are a fantastic place to share what’s happening with you right now, input your goals and it gives you a place to look back and see how far you’ve come!


Registering on Budget101.com is free! However, there are several different levels of registration available.

How to Print

How to Save things for Later or Receive Automatic Updates

Various Features FAQ


Each of the Main Sections are accessible via Every Single page of the site , so you’ll never be “Lost” if you know what area you’re looking for!


  • Home Tab– The Front Page of Budget101.com – This is the Main page and the Gateway to Everything within the site

  • Forum– Leads to all of the Forums

  • Downloads– this leads to a special area of homemade printable graphics such as gift tags, labels, gag gift labels, weekly menu plans, and much much more.

  • Blogs– Leads to All of the Blogs for all members

  • Coupons– this tab is a Drop down box that leads to our popular Coupon Database ( a collection of all known coupons circulating from various sources) It also includes links to all the Major Free Printable Coupon providers such as Coupons.com, RedPlum, SmartSource, Coupon Network, and More.

  • Freebies– this tab leads to our Freebies Forum- It’s a Quick link tab for members who wish to get right to the “good” stuff, so to speak. The freebies forum is updated daily with tried and true Legit freebies from reliable companies. You will also find a dud’s forum in this area to forewarn you of shady companies that are circulating on the web.

  • #1 Peeps– These are the current top Posters/ Most active members on our site. We’ll go more into depth about this fun tab later!
About Liss 4010 Articles
Melissa Burnell, known to her friends and fans as "Liss," grew up in Southern Maine, now residing in sunny South Carolina. As a busy Wife, Mother of two sons, an avid photographer, and self-employed entrepreneur, Liss understands the value of both time and money.


  1. well, i guess i’m in and i am not a robot! hope to learn a lot of money savings tips. i also like to build and try new things.

    hello ya’ll!

  2. i was intrigued by this website from a friend’s share on facebook and decided to join. i am looking forward to the info i’ll find. yay!

  3. i have seen this sight shared on facebook and it intrigued me so i’m hoping to learn more about saving some money……cause we all love to do that, right? :money1: I may not get any housework done while checking this out, but some things are worth sacrificing! LOL 🙂

  4. the magnetic pin dish sold me….something so simple, yet so time saving….thanks for this site…will enjoy every hint….

    • The magnetic pin dish sold me….something so simple, yet so time saving….thanks for this site…will enjoy every hint….

      Hi Mommamac, I just joined and wanted to ask about the magnetic pin dish you spoke of. I am always looking for time saving hints. I have a lot to learn about this site and some help along the way.

  5. hi y’all i’ve just registered and look forward to exploring this site and learning new things! it looks like fun!

  6. hello!

    i, too, just signed on because of the unstuffed cabbage roll recipe on facebook. i’m in my early 60s, and love to cook, but I must admit I tend to go through grocery money like water! I’m interested in this site to find easy, quick (I run my own business and don’t have much time anymore) and tasty recipes that are easier on the pocketbook than the ones I’m cooking now.

  7. i joined because i have saved several things from facebook and figured it would be easier to start at the source and see what other ideas i would love to use and ways to save for a family with 6 kids. so excited.

  8. i just became a new member, saw this on facebook! i love new and different recipes and the unstuffed cabbage rolls caught my eye so i want to explore more and get all kinds of ideas!

  9. hello, so glad to have found and joined this site, looking forward to lots of new knowledge about a whole lotta things, but of course, about budgeting..and always interested in ways to save $$..like most folks, i just “get by” .. and well, im on disability, like lots (so it seems) of folks, so it is a set for fixed income, so to speak. i saw the “portable potty” made from a 5gal.

    bucket, on fb, and it led me here. we actually used something very similar back long ago, thank god…when we were homeless, living out of a van..sooo, its like dejavu..god has been good to us ( spouse and me ) and those days are long behind us., well…that’s it for now.

  10. i just joined and i am so excited! i am recently out of work, only in mid 50’s, and I am looking at ways to cut back and save $. Thank you for this site :chicky:

  11. Hi everybody!!! I am now a member and looking forward to checking this site out…I will have questions and will be a contributor…unexpectedly unemployed…feeling sad about it…and love the cooking blogs…but understand this site offers so much more….let the fun begin…

  12. Found this site last year while searching for diy mixes for my granddaughter’s ez bake oven. also made the laundry sauce at that time. registered now in hopes of getting further into the site.

  13. Can’t wait to explore! There are alot of good things on this site and you don’t have to go anywhere else. I’m very happy to be in.
    thanks, hi to everyone.

  14. Hi everyone! I have checked this site out on facebook a few times. So I decide to join in because I am always looking for DIY stuff and of course new recipes!

    I have a very picky eater soon to be 4 year old grandson who I have a hard time feeding when he is here! All help welcome there! :0

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