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In order to meet the requirements of major search engines and to ensure the highest of quality for our members and guests, We have a few basic guidelines for all submitted articles.


First, before we explain HOW to add a new article, here are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind:

note Basic Article Guidelines

All Articles must be a minimum of 600 words– If your idea, tip, etc is less than 600 words, it will fit better in our Forums and should be placed there instead. Articles should be formatted in proper paragraphs.

Article Must be Unique and Not Published anywhere else, including your own site and/or blog. If you’re using an article you’ve created prior it would need to be reworded in such a way that Google wouldn’t penalize for duplicate content.

Please do not Copy & Paste Articles from Other Sites, even with the Site Owners Permission – this ensures that our content is unique and fresh and prevents violating any site guideline policies of Google, Bing, Yahoo and any/all other major search engines.

Photos- all Articles require a photo before the post goes live. If you don’t happen to have a photo to include, one may be added for you. To avoid potential copyright issues, please do not use photos that you do not own rights to.

Guest Submissions– Currently only Registered Members can submit an article, but Registration is free and takes only a moment.

It is permissible to include an author Link at the bottom of the article, or a single link embedded contextually within your submitted article. Here’s an example of an acceptable author link submission:

©2018 Your Name Here
Link to Your Site here

Please Note that We are unable to publish articles that do not meet these guidelines.

How to Add Content

We hope you’re enjoying our new format and site design. This particular format was chosen to make it a bit easier for our guests and members to share articles, Ideas, recipes and more. For those wanting to submit an article to the site, here are step by step directions:

First and Foremost, ensure you are using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. IE does not render images correctly and will not save them.

  • To create an article, please Click on the “Create New Article” Button located on the top right of each page (in the content area, not in the forums).

  • Add your Article, as desired.
  • As you are editing, adding your article, routinely click on the “Apply” button to how-to-add-content save your work in the event that your browser closes unexpectedly.

  • Once you have “saved” an article, how-to-add-content you will no longer be able to edit it.

  • Once your article is reviewed, it shall be published in the appropriate category/section.

  • If you are adding a full article (600 Words or More), you may place a link at the bottom of your article back to your own (non-commercial) Family-Friendly site or blog. Example:
    ©2018 Your Name Here
    Link to Site here

  • Forum Content – On occasion when we find a post in the forum to be very helpful, it is promoted to an article automatically.

All remarks, suggestions, ideas, graphics, articles, threads, posts or other information communicated to through this site, (together, the “Submission”) will forever be the property of and grants, it’s owners and heirs irrevocable lifetime license.

Advertising Via Embedded Link on an existing article within the site:– a single embedded link within a context for the purpose of advertising is available at the rate of $300 per link, per article. All advertisements must be pre-approved, family friendly and lead to a legitimate business prior to posting. All links are automatically attributed with a rel=NoFollow tag and FDA required disclosure for proper SEO and to preserve the integrity of both parties.

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  1. As of 8/15 we have also disabled HTML posting. Our staff consists of volunteer members, many of whom have no coding knowledge. It is difficult at best for them to review the html code to determine if any malicious code has been entered. Thank you for understanding!

    • Hello

      Great website, I’m glad I found it! Btw I want to write an article about . I think your readers will love it.

      Looking foward to working with you guys!

      • Hello

        Great website, I’m glad I found it! Btw I want to write an article about . I think your readers will love it.

        Looking foward to working with you guys!

        Fantastic, Just follow the guidelines and directions listed in the article & you’ll be golden.

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