silk flower arrangements creation and care

Silk Flower Arrangements – Creation and Care

Fresh flowers are beautiful, but having them in your home is not always an option. Seasons, allergies, and costs are all contributing factors, but let’s get real – they die and customarily create a huge mess. But you say you really like the feeling flowers bring to a room? Well, why don’t you use a silk arrangement? No, not those scanty arrangements you see in most stores. Make your own! It is a lot easier than you think

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5ca00f89efdb1 traveling spy game

Traveling Spy Game

Yeah! It’s vacation time. Whether it’s fun in the sun or visiting family and friends back home, you can’t wait to get there and have fun. All of a sudden, it hits you…that long drive. The kids constantly asking, “are we there yet?” Maybe the kids get really bored and cranky and start hollering, “He’s touching me!” or “She made a face at me!” Well, the Traveling Spy Game can help prevent all that, even if only one person wants to play!

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hot glue tiaras and crowns

Hot Glue Tiaras and Crowns

Dreams of living in a castle and defending it from intruders fill the minds of little princes and princesses everywhere. There are books, tales, and movies that tell of such dreams; there are several theme parks about them, too! All little princes and princesses deserve to wear a crown, so I’m going to show you how to make that part of the dream come true.

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turn old and unconventional items into new storage

Turn Old and Unconventional Items into New Storage

Let’s face it; all of us need a storage solution as some point. Over the years, there has been hundreds of TV shows and articles I’ve seen, not to mention the searches I’ve done, on organization and storage solutions. I noticed the trend for most of the publications seemed to focus on large homes, closets, garages, etc. What about storage solutions for small and average homes that are commonplace among the population?

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