How to Make Plarn – Plastic Yarn Tutorial

Make your own Plarn! What exactly is plarn? It is plastic yarn made from grocery bags. Crocheting and knitting with plarn is a fun and eco-friendly way to reduce environmental waste and make durable totes and baskets for free. Using plarn as an alternative to yarn in any crochet pattern or knitting pattern will be sure to create a heavy duty masterpiece.

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Design a Children’s Garden

It’s said that gardens grow children and this is particularly true when a child’s first experiences with gardening are fun and successful. Nurturing plants and sharing the bounty are great confidence builders for budding green thumbs. Indulge your child’s curiosity in bugs, worms and sprouting seeds and offer plants that mature quickly with surprising results.

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healthy eating habits start at the grocery store

Healthy eating habits start at the Grocery Store

Knowing what to buy at the grocery store is the first step in deciding to eat healthy. Making the right choices on what goes into your shopping cart will help make better choices when cooking at home. Did you know that conscientiously only buying fresh produce and natural items will help save costs on your grocery bill? Below are five great tips to help make deliberate changes in your eating lifestyle to become healthier and happier. . .

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