diy love wall art

DIY – LOVE wall art

So I love the wall art that uses the word LOVE in it and has it shaped like a square, but I could never find anything design wise that fit my style…until…I got the great idea to make my own. Unfortunately I didn’t take any step by step pics so I will describe as best as possible and if you have further questions ask away! Oh and of course you don’t have to do the word love it can be done with any word.

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Simple Nail Polish Organizer

If you’re trying to organize multiple colors of nail polish, here’s a simple yet inexpensive tip. Pick up a few short organizers from the dollar store, along with a package of hooks. Screw 2 hooks into the wall, attach the basket by slipping it over the hook and then add the nail polishes. They can be grouped by color or brands, or any other organization method you prefer!

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