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Our Facebook page offers a vast audience of 2.6 Million engaged fans with an average of 375K views per post, this past week our organic Facebook reach was 14 Million.

Our site, receives an average 550K pageviews per month. We reach an average of 10 million monthly viewers on Pinterest; 1,400+ twitter followers and 16K+ followers on Instagram.

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Our primary location is the East Coast of the United States and our primary audience is the United States (86%).  The majority of our audience is female.

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We offer a wide range of advertising options to suit every budget.

Guest Posting

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Guest posts are limited to other bloggers who wish to expand their reach. Your site content must be at least 75% editorial/free to qualify as a blogger.

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Please note that all submissions MUST be made via the form provided. We do not accept email submissions.

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Banner Ads

For the convenience of our advertising partners, we offer a Direct Buy system that allows you to purchase the creative sizes you’d like, the number of impressions, and the ability to specify ad location. Please be aware that all ads must be family-friendly.

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Posting packages and Social Media Share Rates are also available upon request.

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