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      Creator & Designer of Budget101.com Liss's Avatar
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      Fire Liss Wednesday Workout: Rear End!

      As I mentioned, each day that I workout, I train/work 1 particular muscle group, allowing time in between workouts to let rest. Wednesdays I work a tough area, the Buns!

      The key to doing any exercise is not in repetitions as people often think, but in Great Form. If you take the time to truly work the muscle you will see rapid results. I know that it can be frustrating to try to figure out what each exercise is, so be sure to click each link to view the "how to" video.

      Liss Wednesday Workout: Rump Workout

      1. Leg Lift Standing - 15-12-15 reps (glutes)
      2. Barbell Lunge - 12-12-12-12 reps
      3. Glute Kickback - 15-12-12reps
      4. Butt Lift - 8-15 reps
      5. Barbell Full Squat 12-12-12
      6. Dumbbell Rear Lunge 12-12-12

      What does 12-12-12 Mean? It means that I complete exercise in 3 sets, doing 12 repetitions per set.

      Here is a free Printable worksheet of this workout.

      I don't have a gym membership, all I have is small 40lb set of free weights that I purchased at Walmart for $20. If you are just starting out and you don't yet have weights, start with bottles of water.

      Stay tuned to tomorrow to see Thursdays Workout!
      Creator & Designer of
      Budget101 Forums

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      **The happiest people are not those with the best or the most of everything, The happiest people know how to make the best of everything they have.**

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      What's a Budget? yaj11471's Avatar
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      Aug 2011
      Birmingham, AL

      Default Re: Liss Wednesday Workout: Rear End!

      Hello, everytime I click on one of the how-to video links, it says the webpage can not be found. Is there somewhere else I can view these links?

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      Deal Goddess FreebieQueen's Avatar
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      Default Re: Liss Wednesday Workout: Rear End!

      Whoops, try them now, they were redirecting to our old forums. I fixed them


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      Smart Budgeter Tashdan's Avatar
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      Jan 2011
      Naples, Maine

      Default Re: Liss Wednesday Workout: Rear End!

      What I want to know is how you walk on thursday? Hehe, I tried your wednesday workout yesterday and you aren't kidding; it's a workout. I didn't think it was much after I completed it, It seemed pretty easy. When I got up this morning I wondered who pushed me over niagra falls in a barrel when I wasn't looking!!!!!!!!!!!
      ~No Matter how bad it gets, I'm rich at the Dollar Store!!~

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