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      Deal GURU
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      Mar 2006

      Default Ironing Board Bride

      here's directions for an "Ironing Board Bride":

      Have the ironing board be the body, a mop as the head

      (the kind of mop that would look best is the kind with the white,

      stringy yarn stuff). Turn the mop upside-down so it looks like hair.

      Attach the ironing board and mop with a couple of figure eight bungee

      cords. A tablecloth strategically placed (two funnels?) would make a

      good dress. You could also tie an apron around the 'waist' of the

      bride, and stuff the pockets with things like measuring cups, dish

      rags, kitchen utensils (wooden spoons, whisk, spatula), etc. Either

      some tulle or a white dishtowel for a veil. Maybe enlarge a close-up

      of the bride-to-be's face and attach it. Although I have never tried

      it, the paper towel arms sound cute ... perhaps string them through a

      plunger, feather duster, toilet bowl brush, etc. (or any combination

      thereof) and secure to the back of the ironing board. Let your

      imagination run wild.... Scrub-brush feet? Latex kitchen gloves for

      fingers? Make sure all the parts are something she can use Hope

      this helps.
      I'm a Freak!

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