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    Thread: improve a cake mix ?

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      Default improve a cake mix ?

      Does anyone know some special ingredients that can be added to cake from
      a mix to make it extra yummy? We are going to have some cupcakes for my
      daughter's birthday and I thought I had heard there was something or
      somethings you could add for moisture or something. TIA


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      My Grandmother adds an extra stick of butter.

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      I add two extra egg yolks which makes it very moist, a flavor extract like vanilla, mint, almond, butter etc. If it is chocolate then I add 1/2 cup of coco powder. You do not have to add any additional water.


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      Years ago when I took a cake decorating class the teacher instructed us to
      make our cake extra moist and yummy by adding a few things. One was extra
      oil, don't remember the exact amount, maybe /14 cup, and we also added about
      a tsp. of vanilla flavoring and 1/2 tsp. of butter flavoring to every cake
      Barbara in the wilds of Wyoming

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      I sometimes add a box of dry instant pudding (vanilla for white cake/
      chocolate for chocolate). It makes it very moist.


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      One of the ways I use to make sure cakes are moist is to make the cake
      ahead of time and, when it is cool, freeze it overnight. Frost the
      cake while still frozen. Not only does this make the cake easier to
      frost but as it thaws the frosting acts as a seal to keep the moisture

      This method never fails for me and I have gotten many compliments on
      how moist the cakes are.


    7. #7


      In addition, it also allows for a very quick dessert when company
      shows up unexpected! Usually we freeze them, then vacuum seal the cake.
      It will last for 12-14 months. (Truthfully, it won't last a month,
      because the kids will frost them and eat them much sooner).


    8. #8


      I take it that you have one of those 'sealer' contraptions;-> I've
      been thinking about those since they came out on the market, but until
      now I never heard of someone that I know having and using! I guess I
      shouldn't be surprised since most people I know use their George
      Forman and the microwave more than their stove...you'd be surprised at
      the things I've seen people put on their stoves because they never use
      them;\ ANYWAY, is there a particular model or brand that works
      better -- and lasts -- more than another?

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