• How to use a Survival Kit:

    1. Gather the Items listed in the kit
    2. Print out a cute listing of the contents so that the recipient knows what each item is for.
    3. Place the items in a baggie
    4. Print out the topper, fold it over the top of the baggie containing the survival kit contents and staple it shut

     Please note that Most of the survival kits listed have free printable toppers available to print here.

  • Mom's Survival Kit

    Mom's Survival Kit

    Penny : for your thoughts

    Pen & Journal : to write down your thoughts & all the amazing funny things your children do

    Clock : to remind you that time will pass by too quickly, enjoy every moment.

    Mirror : to remind you that you are important too.

    Marbles : to replace the ones you will lose.

    Jewel : now that you are a mother you are even more valuable.

    Rubberband : to remind you to remain flexible

    Sweet and Sour lollipop :to remind you to lick the sour times and savor the sweet times

    Lifesavers : to save you from one of those days

    Tissue : to dry those tears, the children's and yours.

    Toothpick : to pick out the good in all situations

    Fireball : for times when you are burnt out

    Eraser : to remind you that every Mom makes mistakes

    Puzzle Piece : because you are an important piece in your child's journey through life

    Starburst : for energy

    Fabric Square : for all the times you will have to use your imagination for last minute costumes, outfits.

    2 Wiggle Eyes : those extra eyes for the back of your head.

    Hershey's Hugs & Kisses: for when you've given all of yours away and you need some back.

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    1. KarenH.'s Avatar
      KarenH. -
      How in the world do you use this website????? It is soooo complicated. I want to copy a topper. I registered and all I get is a run around. This is horrible!!!!
    1. Budget101's Avatar
      Budget101 -
      Quote Originally Posted by KarenH. View Post
      How in the world do you use this website????? It is soooo complicated. I want to copy a topper. I registered and all I get is a run around. This is horrible!!!!
      I'm sorry you're experiencing difficulties in navigating the site, with over 250,000 pages of information it is hard to put everything in 1 place

      First, all of articles have Print Buttons. They are located here:

      Attachment 4955

      If you don't want to use your ink, you can also print via PDF. These print buttons allow you to "Pick & Choose" which content you want printed. So if there's a photo on the page, you can simply click on it to remove it once the print option has been activated.

      Next- nearly all of the survival kits have cute toppers that are available to members in our downloads area, also for free.

      This information is here: Survival Kits - Downloads - Budget101.com

      (For your direct help, the Mom's Survival kit is located on pg 4!)

      Once you locate the survival kit you want, simply click on the link to go to the topper, hit download and you're done.

      Again, I'm not sure how else we can make the site less difficult to navigate. There are distinct sections on the left hand side of each page as well as along the top of each page. If you have any suggestions, we'd be open to them.
    1. TeresaB01's Avatar
      TeresaB01 -
      It does take some time when you first start here, but it is SOOO worth it. I would PAY for this stuff. I love it, and Thank you all for contributing.


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