• Happy Halloween Make-Up Recipes

    Homemade Halloween Special Effects Each year we strive to create the most dreadfully frightful costume we can... Enjoy these Halloween make-up and special effects recipes to make your Halloween Frightening!
    Costume Make-Up Recipes
    1. Costume Make-Up Recipe
    2. Edible Halloween Makeup
    3. Halloween Make-up & Various Effects
    4. MYO: Halloween Make-Up
    5. MYO: Halloween Face Make- Up

    Guts -n- More
    1. Homemade Blood - 3 Recipes
    2. Blistered Skin Effect (step by step photos)
    3. Bullet Holes
    4. Burns - 2nd & 3rd Degree Burn Effects
    5. Extruding Bones Effect
    6. Fake Flesh Wound
    7. Fake Guts
    8. Fake Intestines
    9. Fake Skin
    10. Fresh Gashes & Cuts
    11. Gore Blood Recipe
    12. Infected Burn Wound Effect (step by step photos)
    13. Protruding Bone Effect (step by step photos)
    14. Realistic looking Mint Blood
    15. Snot Recipe - for slime effect

    1. Bruises
    2. Bruises step by step
    3. Burnt Skin Special Effect
    4. Easy Scars
    5. Edible Scabs & Road Rash Effects
    6. Gruesome Pus Boil Effect
    7. Hairy Wart Recipe
    8. Homemade Blood
    9. Scuzzy Scab Recipe
    Costume & Haunting Props Department
    1. Alien in a Jar
    2. 5 o'clock Shadow
    3. Demon Eyes in the Bushes
    4. Frightful FOG Effect
    5. Gothic Candle Holders
    6. Graveyard Scent
    7. MYO Witches Broom
    8. Poor Man's Bald Wig
    9. Shrunken Heads
    10. Tombstone Epitaphs - sayings & Names for your gravestones!
    11. Witch Bottles - Witch Apothecary Shop

    Please See Also Halloween Decoration Ideas

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