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Release Date: December 10, 2010

"Best News app for iPhone / iPod Touch", iPhone Live (December 2010)

Join now the 160’000 regular users of News Republic, the primary source for news on Smartphone!

• ONE APP – ALL THE NEWS! 1000s of top stories as they happen on Sport, Business, Technology, Celebrity and Entertainment from News Agencies like Associated Press (AP), Reuters, AFP, WENN etc…

• GET THE WHOLE STORY! Browse the headlines AND read an entire story without having to link back to another newspaper's website.

• MAKE IT PERSONAL: Catch all the breaking news and headlines now or choose to follow specific events or people and the app will search and organize all the relevant stories for you instantly. Never miss a story with your very own personalised news app.

• SHARE THE NEWS: Read any news item and then share it with a friend by email, Twitter or Facebook with one simple click!

• NEWS ENCYCLOPEDIA IN YOUR POCKET: Just read an article and want to find out more? With over 30 000 topics covered, you can search and reference related articles and themes to discover more on any topic in an instant.

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