Club BK goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that all games and adventures are fun and challenging for your children, and that the account features for parents are easy to use helping you stay involved in your children's online play.

Parent Account Features
When you create a Parent Account, you'll have direct access to your children's accounts and can use the Parent Dashboard to:

Create and validate your children's accounts
Register your child for the Club BK Birthday Club to get a free BK Kids Hamburger Meal coupon
See when your children logged in last
Update your Parent Account 24/7

Register Your Child for the Club BK Birthday Club - It's Free!
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If your child is under 13 years old, you can register them for the Club BK Birthday Club. That means when your child's birthday is nearing, you'll receive an email coupon for a free BK Kids Hamburger Meal if your child's account has been validated and you've requested to receive it on the child's behalf. KIDS ENTER THIS CODE "BKFUN" FOR A VIRTUAL PRIZE.

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