The Challenge
We have nothing against squirrels! But, squirrels frighten away wild birds, eat large quantities of expensive bird seed, and destroy bird feeders in their endless search for food. Squirrel Away is a natural, safe, non-violent and humane way of discouraging squirrels. It is inexpensive and effective when used on all types of bird seed.
What is it?
Squirrel Away is made from Capsicum peppers, known colloquially where they are grown as bird peppers. Capsaicin, the naturally occurring substance in capsicum peppers that makes the hot pepper so spicy, is distasteful to mammals. Squirrels will not eat the seed, but it does not repel wild birds. With Squirrel Away treated bird seed in your bird feeders, a squirrel quickly learns not to visit and continues to find a new source of food.