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    Default Campfire Cob Corn and Taters

    Campfire Cob Corn and Taters

    6 large baking potatoes

    6 ears corn, shucked

    1 Tbsp fresh, pressed garlic


    Salt to taste

    6 green onions


    Clean all vegetables well. Cut foil into large sections big enough to cover the veggies for steaming. Use a fork to pierce the potatoes. Coat the potatoes with a mixture of garlic, butter and salt.

    Place each potato in foil and add one green onion (whole or chopped) and a sprinkling of parsley before sealing and twisting the ends of the foil to seal. Place in a hot bed of ashes from your campfire or on a well-heated grill rack and close the cover of the grill to steam-cook the potato.

    Prepare corn on the cob in the same manner (onion and parsley are optional). Place under campfire ashes alongside the "taters," or on the grill. Cook corn only for approximately 30 minutes so it will remain crisp and juicy...cook "taters" until you can easily pierce them with a fork. Serve immediately with lots of garlic butter.

    Makes 6 servings.
    The All-American Cowboy Cookbook

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