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Cake Maker - Free
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Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: August 17, 2010

Cake Maker is here! Welcome to the bakery of a cake designer’s dreams where you can whip up any kind of cake for any type of occasion - from baby showers to 16th birthday parties to weddings!

This free version of Cake Maker includes a sampling of items. Each time you go the ‘eat cake’ page, you’ll be presented with an advertisement. If you want more items and no advertisements, simply purchase a content pack from the Grocery Store.

Build a stunning cake from a huge selection of ingredients!

First, select a plate or cake stand!

Next, choose the cake - square cakes, round cakes, tall cakes, short cakes, small cakes, big cakes… Use as many or as few as you’d like! Stack them on top of one another with or without columns; it’s all up to you, the master pastry chef!

Now, this is where the artistic side of you comes in! Decorate to your heart’s content with an assortment of icings, flowers, piping, fondants, toppers, candles, and yes, we couldn’t forget those uninvited party guests… Gross outs like that pesky rat are still available to add to your creation as well!

Finally, after admiring your masterpiece, you can eat it!
Or, if you’re really proud of your cake, email it to a friend or post it to your Facebook wall!

Maybe you want to put it in the refrigerator to eat later!

About the Free Version!
This FREE version of Cake Maker includes a SAMPLING of cake making items. IF you want more, simply BUY a content pack from the Grocery Store. Or, get access to all 5 content packs at a DISCOUNTED price by buying the ‘Master Cake Maker’ pack (the best value)!!

Content Packs
Gain access to a huge selection of cake making items with the purchase of a content pack - available in the 'Grocery Store'.

Master Cake Maker
Buy all 5 content packs at a discounted price! For the pastry chef and ace of cakes in all of us!

Wedding Cake Pack
From formal to fun, build the cake of your dreams! This pack includes beautiful toppers, cake stands, and a huge variety of cake shapes, decorations, and flowers!

Holiday Cake Pack
Make each holiday more special with the perfect cake! Decorate your masterpiece to set the mood for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Easter and more!

Special Occasions Pack
Celebrate a sweet 16 with a cake just as sweet! Or, personalize any age with dinosaurs, racecars, basketballs, balloons, stars, and flowers! How about an adorable baby shower cake? With this pack, the sky is the limit for cakes for special days!

Candles and Toppers Pack
Go crazy with toppers and candles that would suit just about anyone! Cheerleaders, guitars, every letter of the alphabet and all the digits will make just the right cake for anyone!

Gross Out Pack
Have fun placing these uninvited party guests all over your beautiful cake! Who said rats worms don’t like cake?

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