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Technical writing is an essential form of straightfoward communication that allows readers to accomplish a specific task using easy-to-understand directions.
Our book also dispels the myth that all technical writing only pertains to user manuals; rather, technical writing covers a host of purposes including interoffice memos, e-mail, and other basic forms of daily communication.
Part I of our multi-purpose textbook is written, designed, and sequenced for an introduction to technical writing course. Taking into account that most students in such a course are not familiar with technical writing, or consider it a form used only by scientists or "techies," the material in Part I is introductory in nature. Only the most relevant details that students would need to apply to their own writing projects are examined. Each of the sections in Part I is developed on a much more advanced level in Part II, where students in an introductory course can refer if they have an interest in learning more about a given topic.
Part II also has a dual purpose in that it can be used as a textbook for several advanced technical writing courses or as a technical writing handbook or desk reference for working technical writers--it presents full coverage of topics and issues in technical writing. Topics that a technical writer would encounter on the job are covered with precise detail. Students in an introductory technical writing course have to know how design affects the overall readability and success of a document; Part I will introduce students to the concepts of basic page design. However, in Part II, students will go beyond the basics and learn details about the kind of document design that is expected in a professional setting. Part II also discusses digital document collaboration, professional development, and research methods to give the book an innovative, multi-faceted approach.

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