List Price: $29.99 Deal Price: $6.99 You Save: $23.00 (77%)Revisit and relive your favourite Star Trek comic books. GIT Corp's collection includes all issues from 1967 - 2002, every annual, all articles and advertisements. That's over 500 issues, all in a friendly readable & printable PDF format. This is the first time you are able to purchase all publishers together on one disk for your enjoyment. Star Trek comics were published under a licensing agreement with Paramount Pictures under a variety of top publishers--Western (Gold Label), Marvel, DC, Malibu, and Wildstorm. All are included.

Star Trek
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Classic Issues Include:

Star Trek: The Mirror Universe Saga [OC Comics. Series 1. #9-16. a.k.a. New Frontiers]
Bearded Spock and the evil Captain Kirk return to the spotlight in an eight-part sequel to "Mirror, Mirror." set directly after Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, in which the Empire sends the alternate James Kirk to lead a fullscale invasion of the Federation's universe. An examination of the Empire's history, a look at the Mirror Kingons and Romulans, and a mindmeld between both Spocks make this the best of OC's line-and the quintessential Star Trek comic of all time.
Star Trek: Debt of Honor [OC Comics. Series 2. original graphic novel]

A long-held secret of the Kingon Empire is revealed as Commander Kor, James Kirk and a Romulan named T'Cel [Kirk's old flame] join forces to stop a malevolent force from devastating the galaxy. This beautifully illustrated graphic novel, featuring the return of numerous characters from the original Star Trek TV series and films, addresses a question Trek fans were desperate to have answered-long before Star Trek: Enterprise provided an official answer, that is namely how old the Klingons develop those head ridges?
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine / The Next Generation [Malibu Comic PC Comics. 4 issue miniseries]
Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko and the casts of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine join forces to investigate the disappearance of several officers through the worm-hole, bringing the crews face to face with Bejoran religious fundamentalists and Cardassian saboteurs. Television studio budgets would never have permitted such a full mingling of casts-but in the comics realm, such crossover events are the stuff Star Trek fans' dream of. This miniseries is the only time two comics companies ever collaborated on a single Star Trek storyline.
Star Trek: Untold Voyages [Marvel's Paramount Comics, 5-issue miniseries]
Following the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. James Kirk is assigned to take the new Enterprise Expires Jan 28, 2011