List Price: .99 Deal Price: .99 You Save: .00 (65%)When it comes to protecting your AV equipment from power disturbances it's all or nothing. Gone are the days when everybody was huddled in one room to watch the TV or the latest video release. With all spare TVs and VCRs people own today, you can consider just about any room in the house an entertainment hub. If you have an extra TV, VCR, or perhaps powered speakers, remember, they need surge protection. Just like the equipment you use in your "main" entertainment area, these components are vulnerable to power surges that can damage their ability to perform, or cripple them entirely. Monster's A/V PowerCenter AV200 Provides The Most Complete Power Protection for Your Components. With Monster's Audio/Video PowerCenter AV200, you can place your TV, powered speakers, or VCR in a separate location away from your main system and still be protected from power surges (with a high 1110 joule rating). Monster's Dual Mode Plus design is the heart of AV200's superior surge protection. Here's how it works. When a surge, or other excessively high voltage, hits the wires that carry power to your equipment, Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) will limit the voltage forwarded to the connected equipment to a safe level. Then, if that voltage is high for too long, a thermal fuse will disconnect the line wire from the connected equipment permanently. This assures that the connected equipment will not be exposed to any damaging high voltages. AV200 also features Monster's stage 1 Clean Power filters to prevent AC power pollution from degrading performance, so you get better sound and picture. Maximum performance and protection in a compact, affordable Audio/ Video PowerCenter. AV200 features the same features found in many of Monster's popular, full sized Home Theatre PowerCenters in a unit that's smaller than many remote controllers! Pick up an AV200 today and discover the benefits of Monster Power Protection.Expires Jan 25, 2011