DIY Dolly Hairspray for untangling Dolly Hair

Homemade Dolly Hair Detangler Spray

Yes it works if done correctly but only on certain hair types.

This works on synthetics or in simple terms, plastic hair. Not real or natural fiber or yarn.

Conditioner should be used on real or natural fiber hair types.

No it will not hurt your children because your supposed to rinse it out, not leave it in...

You spray it let it sit for about 15-20 minutes then rinse with hot water and comb with a wig comb or brush and dry.

It will not mold your dolls hair, it will not "build up gunk", unless you're silly enough to just leave it in.

Do you leave fabric softener in your clothes? No you rinse them first then dry.

This can also be used for human synthetic wigs as well.

This also works with conditioner diluted, does the same thing, but you have to let them soak then RINSE it out with hot water then comb and let air dry.

Cosplayers use these 2 methods all the time to comb out tangled wigs.