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Ninja Chicken 2:shoot'em up

Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: September 30, 2010

Download The FreeAppADay Store App And Wish For A Top Rated Paid App Like "Ninja Chicken 2: Shoot'em Up" To Become Free For A Day! if you encounter white screen, just reboot your device. want more fun? try ipad version which has fantastic VS mode.
Ninja Chicken 2 is a very enjoyable, addictive game with a highly amusing and original premise and its great for short bursts or to play for ages. Its three game modes and Game Center integration give it longevity and its well done graphics and sound top off the package. Highly recommended!

Stop thinking! Shoot the pigs!
The pigs have returned and are now engaging in a full-on direct attack against the Ninja Chicken Clan! This time, the Ninja Chickens have to fend them off with their cannon.

Two brave ninja chicks have volunteered to face the entire Pig Army. Can they hold their position? Can they save the clan?
Help the Ninja Chickens!

- 3 different control types
- More than 25 different items

- Numerous types of enemy pigs
- Endless Mode
- Leaderboards
- Achievements
- Game Center


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