Sunday -- cheesy grits, coffee
Monday -- oatmeal, coffee
Tuesday -- oatmeal, coffee
Wednesday -- oatmeal parfait, coffee
Thursday -- fruit and Greek yogurt bowl, coffee
Friday -- scrambled eggs, coffee
Saturday -- protein smoothies, coffee
Total -- $10.43

Greek yogurt
cottage cheese
Total -- $5.96

Sunday: leftover spaghetti and salad
Monday: leftover pizza
Tuesday -- hot dog and slaw
Wednesday -- leftover ravioli
Thursday -- leftover green bean and corn casserole
Friday -- queso dip with carrots, celery, and tortilla chips
Saturday -- leftover meatballs and brown rice
Total -- $4


Sunday crispy chicken thighs, salad, and dark chocolate cake...$3.96
Monday chicken pot pie...$5.16
Tuesday Kansas City ribs, salad, and raspberry bars...$11.96
Wednesday leftover chicken and glazed carrots...$5.96
Thursday leftover ribs, salad, and lemon-cucumber water...$5.96
Friday crockpot chicken cacciatore...$19.96
Saturday egg, sour cream, and sausage bake with salad...$8
Total -- $60.96

Total for the week -- $81.35