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Try Try Again
Danny Aijala

Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: December 16, 2010

Try to match as many three-in-a-row color combinations as you can by deciding which colors to keep and which colors not to keep. One Try per round is guaranteed, but more Try's are randomly revealed during game play. Which round you choose to use your Try's will greatly affect your final score.

A Game is ten rounds, but extra rounds can be earned or randomly revealed as you play.

There are millions, if not billions, of ways a game can be played.

NOTE: Play for Free for as long as you like using a random Game Id each time, but by making a one time purchase for the ability to enter a Game Id, you can:

• Play a game from one of the Leaderboards, building on success of others.
• Replay the game you just played to maximize your score.
• Play any game over and over, changing your strategy each time.
• Challenge friends using the same Game Id.

“Today's Leaderboard leaders, can easily become tomorrow's Leaderboard losers.”


The colors revealed at the start of every round are exactly the same for a given Game Id.

The playing board consist of 5 rows and 5 columns of colors, but there is also a third dimension that is not visible. Each color is actually a stack of colors. The underneath colors are revealed when Try is pressed and the colors you did not keep are popped off the top of the stack. By choosing to keep a color, you prevent the colors underneath from ever being seen. What lies beneath could have been a Free Try, an Extra Round, or Bonus Points.

You may disable In-App purchases on your device using the Settings application.

© Danny Aijala, 2010

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