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CrazyRemote Lite
Scienpix, Inc.

Genre: Productivity
Price: Free
Release Date: May 23, 2010
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The fastest Remote PC control Application which makes it possible to play even video game and movie

CrazyRemote Lite is to let you check the performance and the functions of CrazyRemote, before you buy full version.

[ Restrictions on Lite Version ]

- Only through WiFi can get access to the PC on the same network(or the same router) connected with devices.
- Game/Movie Mode and sound available only for 3 days since the installation. Only Work Mode available after 3 days.
- Restrictions likely to be further modified afterward


CrazyRemote is an application which can control home desktop PC on iphone, iPad, or iPod Touch
You can see the transmitted PC screen from your computer on iphone, iPad, or iphone Touch,
and also you can control the keybord and mouse.

In addition, It offers much faster frame-rate than other remote control applications.
So you can enjoy movie and even video game on your iphone in real time.

It is available not only PC web browser, internet banking, officeware,

and e-mail but also music, video, movie and game.
you can use all the programs(functions) of PC.

You can control your PC wherever there is WiFi and 3G connection,
such as subways, cafes, schools, and workplaces.

Purchase now! and Experience new world of iPhone!!

User reviews:

Very Good App!!!

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