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Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: November 15, 2010

The highly anticipated release of MMCV (2105) is here. SMLSD, the creators of the critically acclaimed Cartel series, has stopped at no lengths to bring a vivid, intriguing, MMORTS game to the Apple platform.

The three main factions of the Aeon galaxy have long been at war but have recently signed the Aeon United Pact which offers ďcivilĒ rules for waging battle. Minerals and materials desperately needed for survival are at stake. With the help of a small alliance your daunting task is to orchestrate a challenging personal economy to manufacture the arsenal needed to defend your survival and advance your domination.

MMCV is rich in social interaction, team oriented goals, personal achievements, and awards. We expect MMCV to be unlike any game youíve played on the mobile platform. Download the free game, receive free points watching the tutorials and find out if this is the game youíve been scouring the App Store for.

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MMCV features:
In-Game Economy
Player Alliances
Player Marketplace
Private Message System
Unique Map Fighting System


ďI travel a lot for work and need a diversion but now it seems work has become a diversion from MMCV. Unique concept and you donít have to spend lots to enjoy it. Iíve already gotten hundreds of points for free just for in game achievements. Iím not impressed easily but Iíll give this a 4.5 out of 5!Ē

ďI used to play a lot of mobile games. Now I just play one. MMCV is what Iíve been looking for. Txs guys.Ē

ďCartel Wars is really cool but this game is amazing!Ē

ďSMLSD does it again. As a developer myself, I can say with authority that your products are impressive. MMCV is nothing less than gorgeous. I feel like Iím cheating on my girl.Ē

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