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There is going to be an awesome deal coming up at Walgreens for the week of June 29th that will get you free Walgreens brand diapers.

On June 29 the new sales ad will start. Walgreens brand Jumbo packages of diapers (both the white and red packages) will be on sale for $5.99 each. In the July Easysaver booklet there will be a coupon in there for $5 off 2 packages of Walgreens diapers. This coupon will automatically
adjust itself and give you 2.50 each package you buy. This booklet will be available in stores starting June 27th.

You also need to go to the pharmacy and ask for a $50 Walgreens savings booklet. These booklets are free to anyone who asks about the newprescription savings plan. You don't have to buy the savings plan justask about it and get the booklet. Many employees don't know where the
booklets are so insist that someone who does know get one for you. They are a white and red booklet that is folded over 3 times and contains various Walgreens coupons for their store brand items. One of the coupons inside that book is for $2 off one package of Walgreens brand
diapers. This coupon automatically scans for $2 off each package you buy.

Both of the above coupons are Walgreens store coupons. You can combine them for the same purchase. All you have to do is present them to the cashier and they both scan fine. Also since both are store coupons the cashier will not need them for their drawer like a regular coupon. She
scans them and you can keep them for future purchases. So hang on to them both! Even though they may say limit one they scan and give you the adjusted amount off for each package you buy.

During the entire month from June 27th until July 28th Walgreens has another deal where you buy any 3 listed products (this deal is advertised in the Easysaver coupon & rebate booklet) you will get a $5 Register Reward Coupon for anything on your next purchase. Walgreens
Jumbo diapers are one of the qualifying products.

So this is how to maximize the deal and get FREE Diapers! Remember for the week of June 29th!

Buy three packages of Walgreens brand Jumbo diapers (white or red package) for $5.99 each on sale. Your total will be $17.97. Give the cashier your Easysaver coupon in the Easysaver booklet for $5 off when you buy two packages. Remember this will give you 2.50 off each package for a total off of $7.50 Your total now will be $10.47. Now give the cashier your $2 coupon that is inside the Pharmacy coupon booklet. This will give you $6 off total. Now your total will be $4.47

You need to pay the $4.47. After you pay you will recieve a coupon from the coupon machine next to the register for $5 off your next purchase of almost anything. This makes the diapers FREE in essence.

This deal is unlimited! But there are a few tricks to get the mostout of it. Do not buy more than 3 packages in one transaction. If you buy 6 packages you will not recieve two $5 Register coupons. So only buy 3 at a time.

Remember to keep your two coupons for each additional purchase you make. The cashiers do not need to keep them since they are store coupons and the register automatically keeps track of how many are used.

When you get your $5 Register coupon DO NOT use it to help pay for your second transaction of more diapers. This will void out you getting another $5 coupon. The only way to get a $5 register coupon for each transaction is to pay with cash, debit, credit or giftcard. Just save all your register coupons.

The pharmacy coupon booklets are available now. So if you want to get that early go ahead. The July Easysaver booklet that has the $5 diaper coupon will not be available until June 27th. The sale price does not start until June 29th. So get yourself together and ready to do this deal for the week of June 29th.