Free Goodie Box for Signing Up with the Stampin' Up Customer Panel ... 11EDF9C390

**You will receive a free goodie box from Stampin' Up! when you are first admitted into the panel and then every 3 months after for as long as you actively participate on the panel.
**We never share any of your information—including personal contact information—with any third party.
**You can quit the panel at any time.
**There is no cost to you to join the panel.
**Your only duty as a panel member is to answer a short survey every one or two weeks.
**You will never be asked to purchase anything or be sent offers based on how you answer.
**The panel is managed on behalf of Stampin’ Up! by Volt Marketing, an independent market research firm.
**Not everyone who applies to join the panel can be admitted, you will be contacted if you are selected.