Using Zuvo's breakthrough "puration" process, the Zuvo ZPS130 Water Purator gives you fresh, clean, better-tasting water right from your tap. More affordable than water filtration pitchers and more environmentally friendly than bottled water, this easy-to-use filter follows a patented, five-step puration process that transforms what flows from a standard tap into healthy, safe-to-drink water. .caption {font-family: Verdana, Helvetica neue, Arial, serif;font-size: 10px;font-weight: bold;font-style: italic;}ul.indent {list-style: inside disc;text-indent: 20px;}img.withlink {border:1px black solid;}a.nodecoration {text-decoration: none}

Installation can be completed in minutes without any plumbing tools. View larger.

Zuvo utilizes a unique, patented 5-step drinking water improvement process. View larger. Quick, Easy Installation
In a matter of minutes, the Zuvo Water Purator can be installed on a traditional kitchen faucet, or if you have a non-standard or pull-out faucet, the Purator can be connected to under-the-counter plumbing with a Butler Faucet Kit (sold separately). Installing the Purator is straight forward and can be completed without the need for plumbing tools.

Better for Your Health
The Zuvo 'puration' process reduces contaminants from tap water sources. The process filters impurities gained on the journey from your water treatment plant or well through the pipes in your house to the tap in your kitchen--while preserving the water's natural and healthy mineral content.

The Zuvo Water Purator mimics nature's water cleansing process by exposing tap water to ultraviolet light and ozone, effectively reducing water-borne bacteria and microbes, trapping particles and dissolved solids in a carbon filter, and exposing the filtered water to a final ultraviolet pass before it leaves the unit.

When the unit is on, you can see the process working. The patented puration process oxygenates the water while reducing bad taste and potentially unhealthy contaminants. The Zuvo Water Purator reduces 99 percent of lead, and 99.9 percent of cysts. It also offers a 99 percent reduction of chlorine taste and odor.

Better for Your Wallet and Better for the Planet

Over time, Zuvo costs a fraction of what you'd spend on bottled water or pitcher filters, and with Zuvo you can make a difference by not adding to the more than 60 million plastic bottles that end up in landfills every year.

Once the Zuvo Purator is installed, you'll get healthy water for as little as $.06/gallon versus as much as $.20/gallon for pitcher water and over $1.00/gallon for bottled water. (These savings assume two years of ownership based on 1,000 gallons/year water consumption).

The Zuvo Water Purator offers a filter life of 500 gallons (1,900 liters) or six months depending on use. The Purator also offers an ultraviolet lamp life of 10,000 on/off cycles or three years depending on use. The Zuvo Water Purator measures 4.75 x 4.5 x 16.0 inches and weighs just 1.9 pounds. The unit is designed to work with water temperatures raExpires Jan 19, 2011