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Zans Mountain Lite
Thorsten Neff

Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: October 21, 2010

The evil dragon Zan has captured the beautiful princess.
Choose the young Knight or the Wizard Apprentice and
follow them on a daring rescue mission, that will take you
deep into the heart of Zans Mountain.

Defeat nasty goblins, fierce pirates, troll mercenaries and more.
Cast fireballs, lightning spells and even earthquakes to crush your opponents.
Find friends and allies along your way to help you in your heroic quest.

Zans Mountain Lite comes with
- Open Feint support

- beautiful hand drawn old school graphics
- atmospheric fantasy music and Sound FX
- fast paced real time sword fights and spellcasting
- innovative, hands-on user interface
- dozens of spells, skills, and gadgets to find and explore

© 2010 Thorsten Neff

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