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StickBo Pro
John and Eric

Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: March 05, 2010

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StickBo is the premiere side scrolling 3rd person shooter. Blast your way through unlimited waves across destructible environments including the jungles of Vietnam and the sand dunes of Afghanistan. Use the in app music player to listen to your iPod music library.

StickBo V1.5 Update:

Say hello to SantaBo!!!
There can be only one.

-Lake Effect-

StickBo Pro V1.4 Update:

+ Game Center Support
+ Halloween Theme & Characters
+ Facebook and Twitter links


StickBo Pro V1.3 Update:

+ Summer Beach Theme
+ Rubber Ducky Character

StickBo Pro V1.2 improvements based on community feedback:

+ Saint Patrick's Day Theme
+ Leprechaun character
+ Tell a friend
+ Fixed minor glitches with touch to snipe/grenade

StickBo V1.1 Update:

+ Valentine's Day Theme
+ New Difficulty Options
+ Improved Controls
+ New Theme Options

Thank you for your feedback,
We are listening!

John and Eric
Lake Effect

Now go StickBo!


StickBo is more than a mindless run-and-gun shooter. While there’s nothing like mowing the lawn with the Mini-Gun or scorching the earth with the Flamethrower, the cover system enables you to employ strategy to complete each wave. Based on your performance, you will be awarded The Medal of Honor (complete wave with > 90% health), a Service Medal (complete wave with > 50% health), or a Purple Heart.

StickBo's wave-based auto-save and simple interface is not only perfect for a quick game when you have a spare moment, but also allows for hours of seamless game play. As an added bonus, the wave selection option allows you to start the game from any wave you have previously completed.

====The Weapons====

The M16 is your default weapon. Its accuracy and 3 shot burst will eliminate enemies one-by-one.

Bowie Knife:
StickBo’s bread and butter. He was given this as a child. It hasn’t left his side.

AK-47: Awarded at Wave 4
The fully automatic AK-47 will give the enemy a taste of their own medicine.

Frag Grenades: Awarded at Wave 6
Level enemies and their assets with a well placed fragmentation grenade.

Shotgun: Awarded at Wave 11
The multi-kill special, clear a line of enemies with one pull.

50 Cal. Sniper Rifle: Awarded at Wave 21
Take cover and blast through everything; with speed and accuracy they'll never see it coming.

Flamethrower: Awarded at Wave 31
Unleash your inner pyro. This thing’s hotter than ChickBo.

Mini-Gun: Awarded at Wave 51
Heaves lead like no other. Rounds tear through multiple enemies at a time.

====StickBo Pro Info====
---Unlimited waves

---Vietnam Jungle
---Afghanistan Dunes
---Late Night Theme
---Bonus Holiday Theme

---CoCoBo (Conan O'Brien)
---JayBo (Jay Leno)
---SWATBo character
---Bonus Holiday Character!


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We plan on continuously improving StickBo with updates and all new Holiday Themes will be FREE!

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====About the Developers====

StickBo was created by John Spatola with the assistance of Eric Rall. We operate our iPhone App Development Company, Lake Effect, out of Syracuse, NY.

We hope you have as much fun playing StickBo as we did making it!

© 2010 Lake Effect Applications, LLC

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