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Pimple Popper Lite
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Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: October 12, 2009
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Wishing all our players a Happy New Year! Thank you so much for making our 2010 so memorable!!!

Happy holidays! Why not gift yourself the gift of laughter? Our Pimple Popper Lite app is guaranteed to bring out the giggles, and probably a scream or two! Plus, it&#39;s free! New face added plus a new scab mechanic - as we like to say, scab is FAB!

It&#39;s an app you need to experience for yourself and even better when experienced together with friends! Pimple Popper Lite has over 5.1 MILLION downloads and #1 Overall Free App in 51 countries - we are not zitting you! We are so grateful that our little app has been downloaded so many times - we know hundreds of thousands of you play daily, so happy popping!

Pimple Popper is a must have classic for your iPhone/iPod/iPad. When you play in front of your just never know whether or they&#39;ll scream or laugh! Love it or hate it, once you play our app, you&#39;ll never forget it! Plus, how many apps are created by a girl? This one is!

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