I found a great deal on ham just before the holiday, .98 a pound. My favorite way to bake ham, having worked in a restaurant for years, is to bake it, SLOWLY (at 275F for 6-8 hours) wrapped Loosely in tinfoil.

Our ham came out wonderfully. Since I was already exhausted we decided to have a simple dinner of Baked Ham, Pineapple Sauce, riced potatoes and a fresh side salad.

On Day 2, I had to make the kids favorite homemade Mac-n Cheese which contains macaroni (obviously!) steamed broccoli, diced ham, sharp cheese and a few seasonings. This in itself is a very filling meal and a definite family favorite "comfort" food. Dh had already used about a cup of finely diced ham in morning omelettes for the family. I intentionally made extra potatoes the night before so we could enjoy hash browns too. I love the potato ricer for this,it makes the loveliest light/fluffy hash browns.

On Day 3- I was beginning to wonder if the kids were going to stop snacking on the leftover ham long enough for me to throw together a hearty split pea soup.

Not too shabby!