List Price: $49.95 Deal Price: $17.99 You Save: $31.96 (64%)Use Airdock to connect your iPod directly to your TV , Home Stereo or your Computer !

To use AirDock with your home entertainment system :

1. In this package, we've included our own high-quality HomeConnect AV cable for video and audio connection to your home entertainment system. Plug HomeConnect's 1/8" plug into AirDock's AV out port. Plug the other end of HomeConnect into the appropriate RCA plugs in your entertainment system.

About the Remote

AirDock comes with its own full-function RF remote control, that works through walls, up to 60 feet away. Use it to control Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Previous/Rewind and volume, as you would expect from any remote.

If you have the good fortune to live in a two-AirDock household, AirDock's Pairing feature may be useful. Through Pairing, you can "lock" your AirDock so that it will respond to only one AirDock Remote, ignoring the commands of other remotes in the same household.

Other Features

Your AirDock features video pass-through so you can control a video while it is playing. The Play, Pause, Fast Forward, and Rewind functions on the Remote works as you would expect your DVD player to work.

And, of course you can use AirDock simply as a standard iPod dock, to sync your iPod with files on your computer.Expires Jan 4, 2011