List Price: 5.00 Deal Price: .00 You Save: .00 (62%)Add sparkle and variety to your wardrobe with this set of five individually boxed sterling silver stud earrings, showcasing five different colored gemstones. Now you can wear a different pair of earrings for each day of the work week, or more closely match the colors of your couture. The set includes one pair each of generously sized peridot, blue topaz, garnet, citrine, and amethyst studs. The total combined weight of all ten gemstones is 8.25 carats. The 6.67mm round peridot studs have a striking lime green color and a total weight of 1.6 carats. These "evening emeralds" are gorgeous in both natural and artificial light. It is the birthstone for those born in August. The 6.97mm by 5.20mm faceted ovals of blue topaz are a beautiful sky blue and have a total weight of 1.9 carats. December's birthstone is perfectly complemented by the cool gleam of polished silver. The pear-shaped garnets are a deep brownish-red. They measure 7.13mm by 5.97mm and have a total weight of 1.6 carats. The birthstone for those born in January, garnet boasts a notable brilliance due to its high refraction of light. The rectangular grapefruit-yellow citrines measure 7.95mm high by 5.63mm wide and have a total weight of 1.9 carats. Named for the French word for lemon (citron), this gemstone was revered as a gift from the sun in ancient times and is one of two birthstones for November. The trillion-shaped amethysts measure 6.40mm high by 7.09mm wide and have a total weight of 1.25 carats. They display a captivating light purple color. Amethyst has long been prized by royalty because of its regal hue. It is the birthstone for those born in February. The five pairs of gems are cradled in sterling silver wire baskets with decorative scroll-like curves and a beautiful polished finish. They are featured on posts with butterfly friction backs.Expires Jan 3, 2011