List Price: .99 Deal Price: .49 You Save: .50 (48%)The new capacitive screens on the most popular devices today require the finger touch to work effectively. This can be a sticky situation on cold days when you may be wearing gloves. Also, problems may arise with those new nails ladies. Well consider your problems solved!! The NEW Acase capacitive stylus/pen is the perfect solution for all the times you just can't use your fingers on your touch screen. Not only does this product provide a fine stylus, it also has a ball point pen built in. This is perfect for the "on the go" individual who needs a product to suit multiple purposes. This is also convenient for students who can use the stylus on their screen and take paper notes on the side. If you have a touch screen device, do yourself a favor and GET THIS STYLUS/PEN!!Expires Jan 4, 2011