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Santa Tracker 2009
Talus Media LLC

Genre: Entertainment
Price: Free
Release Date: December 04, 2009

UPDATE 11/28/10

We have updated to Santa Tracker 2010 with all new blogs and story for the 2010 Christmas Season! If you have an iPad, download Santa Tracker 2010 HD! Look for them in the iTunes store now!

Thank You for making 2009 such a success!
Merry Christmas!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the wonderful reviews! We are so happy we can contribute to your Christmas Cheer!! That's exactly the reason we created this application! Thanks and Merry Christmas!!
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Santa Tracker 2009 enhances the magic of Christmas for the entire family! This app will make you want to believe again!

Track Santa around the globe via GPS on our 3D globe just like NORAD. Read his blogs, text him yourself, or even check out who is on Santa’s list.

"Easily the best Christmas App this year!"

"Talus Media hits a home run with Santa Tracker!"

To increase the fun and customize your app, from your iPhone's main menu, outside of the app, click your iPhone's "Settings" icon and scroll to the bottom where you'll find the settings for Santa Tracker. Here you can enter your children's names into the nice list. Santa Tracker also uses their names in other areas of the app! You can also enter a vacation destination...just in case you aren't home for Christmas!



-GPS Santa Tracking
Track Santa using a 3D globe or sonar as he travels to thousands of cities across the world on Christmas Eve. Like the NORAD Santa Tracker, use real-time GPS, see yourself in relation to his sleigh and follow his route on the big night! Comes complete with a unique countdown timer, realistic sound effects and beautifully rendered imagery.

-North Pole Blog
Keep up-to-date with the happenings at the North Pole with over 75 blog posts as you follow a unique and in-depth storyline from tons of Christmas friends like Santa, Mrs. Claus, Jack Tupp –Head Elf Mechanic, Hammer – Head Toy Production Manager, Snowman, the Gingerbread Man and many more. Your kids will love to check back throughout the day as new blogs are posted from the North Pole.

-Santa’s List of Good and Bad Children
View Santa's official list. You have control over which list your kid's are on. Better not pout, better not shout...

-Santa Text
Find out the answers to some of your most lingering Christmas questions by texting Santa throughout the season or even on the big night! He’ll even write you back!

-Countdown Timer
Let your kids know exactly how long until Santa delivers his presents with our unique countdown timer.

-World Population and Educational Map!
Our map will teach your kids the location and population of thousands of cities across the globe.

Extra Features:
-Double tap the globe to transform it...
-On the globe screen, turn the phone to the side to display a flat military map.
-Touch the i icon to bring up Santa's agreement letter with Talus Media.

Merry Christmas, Hope you enjoy our app! See you next year!

© 2009 Talus Media LLC

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