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Dolphin Play
Recharge Studios

Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: December 17, 2010

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Welcome to Dolphin Play, your fun world under the sea where you can care for and play with dolphins and other creatures. Dolphin Play showcases the highly intelligent and playful nature of dolphins that you’ll be amazed to encounter.

Choose from 4 Christmas backgrounds and 16 Christmas decorations.

- Choose from 55 different creatures including 5 dolphin species and 50 fish
- Raise and play with creatures to advance through 23 initial levels
- Buy, sell, feed, and play with all creatures for coins and XP

- Special dolphin training game where you control the dolphin and increase their skills
- Choose from multiple tanks, 57 decorations, 35 plants, and 53 backgrounds to personalize your aquarium experience
- Tools to simplify your management of multiple aquariums including: inventory of waiting events, sell all adult fish, sell tank, and dragging items between tanks

You must have internet access to play.

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