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Powerboat Challenge by Bing

Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: December 13, 2010

iphonegamenetwork 4.5/5:
"Powerboat Challenge is an excellent step towards actually getting PSP-quality games on your iPhone, and is by far the best iPhone racing game out there!"

Make big waves with Powerboat Challenge by BING!

Race! Pimp up your powerboat and go full throttle to compete against cool dudes and hot chicks in high-speed racing on twisted rivers. Prove your driving style and abilities. Pass the buoys correctly along the course to fill up your boost bar and to unlock additional tuning options. With the prize money you win in the races you can upgrade your boat with bigger engines, chip tuning, fatter turbos, spoilers and such. Enjoy cheeky dialogs and take your chance at winning races with each of them.

- Four cool characters with distinctive driving styles and stylish racing boats to choose from
- One island with uniquely tailored tracks
- Three game modes: classic lap racing, time qualifications and the thrilling elimination competition
- In-game shop with lots of tuning options for your powerboat
- Several hours of exciting game play, easy to learn, hard to master

Invite friends and foes to beat your high score with the challenge mail.

handy-player readers vote: 85%

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