List Price: 9.99 Deal Price: .99 You Save: 0.00 (67%)Sleekly sophisticated, the LG Incite's 3-inch touchscreen offers a 240 x 400-pixel resolution with a 65K color depth. It presents you with a choice of on-screen virtual keyboards--a full, QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode and a 20-key keyboard in portrait view--with haptic keys that provide vibration feedback. You can navigate by simply using your fingers to move through the Incite's friendly user interface, manipulating the scroll button to the upper right of the screen, or using the included stylus. A configurable, drag-and-drop favorites menu provides quick access to the applications that matter most to you. The phone comes with physical send/end keys on the front of the face, as well as physical volume up/down keys and a jog dial on the right side. It also has an automatic screen and key lock to prevent unwanted tapping.Expires Dec 27, 2010