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Touch me if you can FREE
Bliss Software, Inc.

Genre: Entertainment
Price: Free
Release Date: August 30, 2010

Touch me if you can (Memory match game) Think you have a good memory? Then take this memory match game! Try to find all the matching pairs in the screen. Touch on one card and then click on a second card to try and find its match. See how many tries it takes you, and then play again to try to beat your score! You can use items during the game. If you feel it's so easy, then challenge the expert mode! It's much harder than normal mode. Concentration is the most important to find pairs! Turn on Flickr in the option menu. Various pictures which was selected by you will be shown during the game. It is from flicker. Do you want to compare your score with others? Connect Openfeint and keep your scores! Features: - 2 difficulty modes (Normal, Expert) - Up-to-date pictures loaded from Flickr - Choose theme of pictures - Global ranking system - Use various items during the game (Solve, Pause timer, Faster, Slower, Double Score) - Keeps high scores - Classy animation - Swinging sounds - Great game for all age

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