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0.03 seconds Pro
Chien Ming Liang

Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: September 26, 2010

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Featured as Staff's Favorite in Germany!
Top app in many countries within 2 days after released!
#1st in Paid Apps (US)
#1st in Paid Apps (United Kingdom)
#1st in Paid Apps (Australia - Puzzle)
#1st in Paid Apps (Canada - Puzzle)
#1st in Paid Apps (Singapore - Puzzle)
#1st in Paid Apps (Hong Kong - Puzzle)

You definitely won't want to miss out this game!

If you think you are fast at iPhone games, wait till you try out 0.03s.
It measures your reaction time to the milliseconds and pixels. Are you game for this?

0.03 seconds is a simple yet additive reaction game that brings you hours of challenges and joy! Feel the perfectionist within you while trying to get 5 stars for each stages.

- 24 stages x 3 Levels
- HD graphics optimized for iPhone4
- Very very difficult to win 5 stars
- Simple to understand and play

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