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Pocket Devil Lite - Hell Yeah!

Genre: Entertainment
Price: Free
Release Date: December 14, 2010

CHAPTER 15: Happy Helladays!
Now you can toy with the eternal souls of your devious little minions... for FREE!

Enter the devilicious underworld of Pocket Devil and summon a horde of tiny devils with a tap of your finger! Select from the vast array of weaponry, and with a swipe, bring your minions to their doom in all kinds of hilarious, clever, and cartoonishly gory ways.

In CHAPTER 15, navigate the classic underworld as well as the ALL NEW Christmas environment! “Happy Helladays” introduces a pack of holiday-inspired guises for the devils to wear! Dress them up as reindeer, elves, snowmen, or even as Zombie Santa before flinging them to their elecTREEcuting demise!

Pocket Devil Lite features three mini-games: Rise from Hell, Mugat2 Slapfest, and Afterlife Hero! With all new physics and new updates always in the works, Pocket Devil is a devilishly fun thrill-ride that’s constantly evolving!

- Gas Can
- Pitchfork
- Stairway to Heaven
- Devil Eating Plant
- Paper Shredder
- Electric Chair
- Skull Explosion
- Finger Squishing
- Free Fall

Pocket Devil Lite features OpenFeint and GameCenter integration as well as Facebook and Twitter sharing options.

For an extra dose of addicting gameplay and underworld fun, check out Pocket Devil: Hell Yeah! for more mini games and torture tools. It’s only $.99!

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See you all soon... in hell!

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