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Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: July 16, 2010

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The Invader creates the new genre of game which combines shooting and defense. Developer group "GAMEHUNTER" who are well-known as developers of “Coast Defense – Reloaded” created this fabulous game.

Mobilize your invader machine to conquer the Earth and defend the Invader machine from powerful human-rebels. The human-rebels own various weapons and unique skills to fight back. Be careful with their EMP(stops your machine for short term), and Spider Bomb(pops up randomly with huge damage)

In the game, Invader uses "Heatup-Bullet System" which makes your machine in slow mode to cool off the quick-fired weapons.

If you fire weapons continuously, your machine will enter into slow motion for a while as one of the scene of movie "Matrix". Be careful with cooling time to avoid enemies' attack or crush your enemies by overriding them.

Enjoy the perfect harmony of shooting-defense game, and a wide variety of weapons and items in 3 different levels (Easy, Normal, and Hard).



- The perfect harmony of shooting and defense
- Joyful ride of Invader machine(Operation and activation)
- A wide variety of weapons such as Machine Gun, Gatling Gun, Auto Cannon, Missile, Plasma Gun, and SBL
- A wide variety of unique items such as Barrier, Bullet Time, and Nuke

- 3 difficulty levels(Easy Normal Hard level)
- Powerful and various enemies

- Weapons can be traded by store and it is possible to upgrade player’s Invader machine
- Ranking and community system are offered by OpenFeint




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