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i-Gun Ultimate Lite
Vanilla Breeze Co., Ltd.

Genre: Entertainment
Price: Free
Release Date: April 13, 2009

The first & only interactive gun app with auto zoom, featured in "iGun Traffic Rampage" youtube movie!

See it for yourself before you purchase. Look for 'vbpod' on YouTube.
This is, by far, the most realistic handgun simulation app in AppStore.

The top selling gun app now arrived in free version!

Actions can take place anywhere!
Classroom? Office? Let the war begin!

- Awesome animated graphic
- Realistic sound effects
- Vibration in action (only in iPhone)

- 18 guns with many options for each to choose from!
- Manual mode / Silencer mode / Unlimited ammo mode / Virtual Shooting Range mode for each gun!
- 3x more sound effects (Zombie/Monster effects just added!)
- AUT(Audio Overdrive Technology) to simulate the most realistic gun sound in full stereo SFX

1. With your right hand, hold the machine gun, and load the gun by pulling back the slide and releasing it.
2. Pull the trigger to fire.
3. Rotate your iPhone/iPod Touch 90 degrees counter-clockwise to drop the magazine out of the gun.
4. Give your iPhone/iPod a gentle bump or swipe the magazine to reload.
5. Repeat from #1.

If you're using iPod Touch 1st gen, there is a global sound setting you need to modify.

Home > Settings > General > Sounds > Sound Effects : Then Select "Both"

If you select "Speaker" instead of "Headphones" or "Both", you will not be able to hear the gun sounds through your earphones.

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